” I    H  A  V  E      T  H  E      G  R  E  A  T     P  R  I  V  I  L  E  G  E      O  F      B  E  I  N  G      B  O  T  H      W  I  T  N  E  S  S      A  N  D      S  T  O  R  Y  T  E  L  L  E  R .

I  N  T  I  M  A  C  Y  ,      T  R  U  S  T      A  N  D      I  N  T  U  I  T  I  O  N         G  U  I  D  E      M  Y      W  O  R  K . “

—   J . G .



Cups of coffee


Hugs given


Photos taken


Meals cooked



My name is Janet.

Photography + Love + Life. To be a photographer, you really have to love love and love living life. I truly believe these three things go hand in hand. I’m so fortunate that I get to pursue a career that I love and that I get to meet people from all walks of life. Being in love inspired me to become a wedding photographer and here I am years later still enjoying the journey.


My handsome fiancé. My partner in crime. He’s normally the risk taker while I tend to play it safe. I cook…he cleans the dishes. He’ll go out all casual while I’m dressed up with with heels on. We’re so different, yet oddly similar: UCLA grads (go bruins!), hate being in the spotlight, firstborn, both get extreme sea sickness (never met anyone who got it worse than me!). Yes, we have our differences  but I mostly love that we complement each other! 8 years now we’ve been together and I still love doing life with this silly guy.

Pretty shoes + getting dressed up. I mean…what girly girl doesn’t? 😛 When I make my millions, I plan to hire someone to doll me up everyday. But until then, who am I kidding. It takes way too much effort to look cute everyday. Most days I am make-up free and when I do decide to put some on…it’s pretty basic: mascara, some eye shadow and lip gloss. But when I do have time to go out, I like to go glam all the way with some cute heels on of course! 😉

Partying. I love a good party. I can see myself in my old age dancing with my cane. haha You know the saying “work hard to party harder”? Yup, that’s my motto in life and I refuse to let the party stop.

Pretty Peonies. Peonies are my favorite flower. I love them in all shapes + colors. I think I only want to get married during peony season.

Books. Reading seriously gives me life! I especially love ordering them through AMAZON and have so many books on my wishlist.

CONFESSION: I order like 10 books at a time. Because why not??? Haha I think I have a problem. Well, maybe just with Amazon. But their fast shipping…omg. I seriously can’t get enough and really wish I had more time in the day to read. From photography, to business books to self-help books…I really love them all. I’m saving all of my books for my future in home “beauty & the beast library”.

Know of a good book? Do recommend it!

Traveling +  meeting new people. I want I am going to travel the world. I’ve always had the travel bug and can hardly stay in one place long enough. I can’t wait to setup portrait sessions + shoot weddings from all over.

Food. It’s true. I love to cook just as much as I love to consume it. Alright maybe I love to eat just a tad bit more. It’s probably why I have such a difficult time losing that last 10lbs. Most days during meal time, you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. Plus, I love to host and love that food brings people together.

Fitness. It’s my new found love and it literally saved my life while I was going through my 2nd “pre-life” crisis a little over a year ago. Who knew that by taking little steps toward taking care of myself would change so many aspects of my life for the better. I not only feel good mentally, but I’m learning to love myself + practice self-love on the daily. Plus I found out I love doing squats. 😀

Coffee. I drink way too much. But I just love the taste + smell of it! I especially love going to cute little cafes + store fronts. Know of any? 🙂



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Read what our lovely clients are saying…

"We saw Janet's work from a friend and instantly FELL IN LOVE. Our photos came out so AMAZING...she did such a BEAUTIFUL JOB!"



♥ Diana & Johnny

"WOW!!!! She did such a PHENOMENAL JOB and our photos look like they are from a MAGAZINE!"



♥ Sarah & Aaron

"She has the BEST EYE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!...SHE IS WORTH IT! 100%"



♥ Debbie & Clinton


You’ve found the love of your life (congrats!!). You may have already purchased your wedding dress and even put a deposit down on your venue. Now you’re ready to book a wedding photographer. AWESOME! I’m so happy that you are here. Here’s what you can expect from Love Janet Photography.

Expect to have some FUN!

I want to make this experience as fun as possible! Plus when you’re having fun, it totally shows in photos. Hopefully I can bring that to the table for you: a sense of comfort and peace of mind when we work + create together.

I’m sure you already have tons of things you’re worried about but rest assured, as soon as you book with LJP, I will help guide you through the wedding photography process + wedding experience with ease.

As part of this process, you’ll have my help with creating your photography timeline and I’ll even reach out to your coordinator (if you don’t have one, I would highly recommend hiring one!) to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible. So get ready to have some fun!

50 years from now

I know. That seems so far away. But try. Try to imagine you + bae 50 years from now walking hand in hand. You’re browsing through your wedding album together. You’re whispering into each other’s ear, sharing sweet kisses and reminiscing about the day you committed your whole hearts + lives to each other. I could only imagine that you’re totally feeling…all the feels right now. 

Sure, you’ll have tons of pretty wedding photos. TONS…I promise. But it’s truly more than just that. It’s about the experience. It’s about the beautiful memories you’re going to create together that day. It’s about your love story that you get to pass down for generations to come.

I’m so excited that you’re embarking on this new venture together. I would be so, so honored to be apart of it. And hopefully, I will have left such an impression that many years from now you’ll still remember who your wedding photographer was.

My vow to you

I wholeheartedly love what I do and love that my clients all trust me to get the “job” done. Many have dubbed me their “photographer for life”. Ha! Such an honor and it’s definitely something I don’t ever want to take for granted.

With that being said…you’re in good hands. I will shoot your special day as if I were shooting my best friend’s wedding. I think that says a lot!

It’s so important to me that I give each couple + client that extra special care and attention that they need. Which is why I only take on a limited number of weddings + sessions each year. When you become a LJP client, it is my goal to make sure you receive the best experience possible. That is my vow to you: that you walk away a happy client and possibly even your photographer for life.

In case you wanted to get to know me even better...here are some more random things about me!

5  F U N   F A C T S   A B O U T   M E


My Personal Goals This Year!

Books read
Trips planned
Naps taken
Workouts completed
Risks taken
Playtime scheduled
Date nights planned
Practicing gratitude
Outsource entire life
My motto every day when I wake up...
show up and just do your best!
be grateful. ♥
never give up.

You're still here, YAY! Alright, so here's the deal...


Yes loves, photography is an investment. An investment in your future. Let me tell you why! At the end of the your wedding day, after you’ve said your “I do’s”, you’ve danced the night away with your forever love and the details have been put away…what will remain are your beautiful memories + photos.

Whether you decide to book me as your wedding photographer or decide to go with someone else, I urge you to please invest in an experienced photographer whom you vibe well with. You and your wedding photographer will be spending lots of time together so please make sure that you like love them, your personalities mesh well together and obviously that you love their full body of work. This is one reason why I love meeting my couples before hand to see if we’ll be a good match. ♥



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Your marriage. You believe that your marriage + union as husband and wife is going to be more beautiful than your wedding.

Love. You’re madly in love and have amazing chemistry together.

The dress. You’re going to be a stunner in whatever you choose to wear on your wedding day, no doubt! You completely understand that we’ll be doing some light walking during your portraits and won’t be so concerned with getting your wedding dress/wedding attire dirty that day.

You’re a kid at heart. Plus you don’t take life so seriously. You’re probably super chill and down to earth too and plan on taking the relaxed approach the morning of your wedding. So relaxed that all you plan to do is get pampered + have your mimosa in hand. Ha!

Laughter. You like to laugh a lot and have a fun sense of humor.

Wedding Photography. Photography is probably ranked in your top 1-5 on your wedding priority list…maybe even your top 3!

Bride & Groom Portraits. You love photography so much that you’ll set a side at least 45-60 minutes for your bride & groom portraits day of the wedding. Yes, we can even do an additional 20-30 mins of sunset photos. 🙂

New adventures. You’re open to change and trying new things.

Vegas. You’re still up for spontaneous trips to Vegas and going out for drinks with Bae + friends occasionally. Because what is life without some spontaneity once in a while? –> Boring! Hello!

Venue. You’ll consider having your wedding at one venue. It just makes things easier for all parties involved. There’s no traveling time so you’ll have more photography coverage. And who wouldn’t want that?

Celebration. You’re excited to say your “I do’s” but you’re way more excited about the after party and getting down on the dance floor!

LJP couple. You made it all the way to the end, awesome! That probably means you’re a LJP couple. Let’s chat + connect.

M Y . B U C K E T L I S T

Go skydiving.

Write a cookbook.

Photograph a proposal + engagement in Paris.

Step foot on every continent.

Invent something.

Make friends in every city I go.

Travel the world.



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